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December 2020 Edition – Check

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The Best of 2020: News, Trends, and Events

We have seen the banking and payments industries recover from the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic with a resurgence of checks and sustained volumes of other payments. With this recovery, banks and financial institutions can now refocus on automation and fraud prevention projects which have been delayed while the economy recovers.

2020 has been an exciting year for OrboGraph as well, highlighted by:

As we close out an eventful year, let's take a look back at the best news, trends, and events from 2020:

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OrboGraph Survey Indicates Increase in Check Fraud Attempts and Losses in 2020

OrboGraph's Exploration of Check Fraud in 2020 is a compendium of data gathered from a short, focused survey which was designed to "take a snapshot” of check fraud trends for 2020....

NVIDIA Data Centers’ Importance to Real-Time Check Processing

In what is very likely a bellwether for machine learning and AI, NVIDIA topped Wall Street estimates for both its fiscal 2021 second quarter and its forecast, with data-center sales topping its core gaming business for the first time...

Capital One Goes All In on the Cloud – Will Others Follow?

The Amazon Web Services website reports that Capital One is completing its migration as the first US Bank to go all-in on the cloud -- and it's making waves in the industry...
Stimulus Check video

A Tale of Two Spikes: COVID-19 and Check Fraud

If you've been following the news, you've heard warnings about COVID-19 infection spikes as a result of seasonal and behavioral factors. Another unfortunate spike...

Applying Defect and Root Cause Analysis to Tuning Check Recognition with AI

OrboGraph will soon be launching a website refresh with the official market announcements around OrbNet AI and OrboAnywhere 4.0. Check recognition is a ...

Dissecting Mythbusters’ GPU vs CPU Video: What It Means for Real-Time Check Processing and Fraud Detection

Back in August, we explored the importance of Nvidia's data centers to real-time check processing. The blog post garnered a huge...

Remote Deposit Capture Spikes During Pandemic had a hunch that the Covid-19 pandemic would lead to an increase in RDC deposits (Mobile Deposit, Desktop, ATM, etc.). So, in late February...
gpu vs cpu

GPUs vs. CPUs: Understanding Why GPUs are Superior to CPUs for Machine Learning

Last week, we took a deep dive into a video by Mythbusters on CPU vs GPU, detailing how GPU provides a higher rate of speed and...

Coronavirus Crisis: The Future of Cash, Checks, Credit Cards

The unprecedented worldwide coronavirus pandemic has created a new set of values for people around the world. Toilet paper is a precious commodity (in spite of a robust...

COVID-19 Fraud: $100 Million in Losses and Counting

Motley Fool's The Ascent recently took a look at FTC statistics in order to get a handle on mounting COVID-19 fraud losses losses to persons and businesses. COVID-19 fraud...

Stimulus Package: Direct Deposit or Check?

Matt Rourke - AP Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill -- the largest in United States history -- that promises to revive a coronavirus-stricken economy. These are payments that will be...
Copying check

Check Fraud is Boosting Overall Financial Fraud

An article by Antoinette Burnside, assistant vice president and product manager for Kennewick-based Community First Bank and HFG Trust, appeared in the Tri-Cities Area Journal...

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