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OrboNation Newsletter: Check Processing Edition – June 2021


Enhancing the Value of Existing Bank Branches as Customer Visits Increase

BAI recently posted a podcast exploring the future of bank and credit union branches in a post-COVID environment. Their guest was Jim Caliendo, president and CEO at design and consulting firm PWCampbell. He believes branches will remain popular --
with a few caveats...

Listen to the podcast and read the full post.

The New Standard: AI and GPU White Paper

As a subscriber to the OrboNation Blog, you have undoubtedly seen articles involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and GPUs and how this combination of breakthrough technologies are part of the future for banking. The adoption of GPU hardware is enabling...

Download the white paper and read the full post.


AFP 2021 Preview – Identity Crises: Best Practices in Fraud Mitigation

The Association for Financial Professionals -- known by industry professionals by its acronym AFP -- will be hosting its AFP 2021 Annual Conference both in-person at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center and virtually. As a preview...

Watch the interview and read the full post.

Credit Unions Bring Digital Technology To Customer-Centric Strategy

Credit Unions and their members tend to pride themselves -- rightfully so -- on being much more “customer-centric” than the average financial institution. They are, after all, serving “members,” and that spirit...

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8 - Check Fraud Customer Experience
AI Forensic Fraud analyzes characteristics of the document.

Forensic Document Examination: Impact on Banking, Fraud, and Payments

Forensic document examination is foundational to OrboGraph’s OrbNet Forensic AI technology. To assist in describing the applicability of forensics in banking, fraud detection, and payments, we talked to forensic expert and author, Khody Detwiler...

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Modernization Pains Eased for Community Banks by Jack Henry & Associates

The Federal Reserve is actively exploring ways to streamline FinTechs’ access to the payment system, and reports that financial institutions will need to sharpen their systems to retain a competitive...

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Businessman using mobile online banking and payment, Digital marketing. Finance and banking networking. Online shopping and icon customer network connection, cyber security. Business technology.
OrbNet Forensic AI with Tagline

News Release: OrboGraph Completes Market Launch of OrbNet Forensic AI

AI and deep learning technologies deliver major check fraud detection improvements

Billerica, MA, June 7, 2021 – OrboGraph announced the market launch of OrbNet Forensic AI as the core image analysis technology to the Anywhere Fraud software application version 4.1...

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Fighting Fraud with Forensic AI: How to Test Performance

Financial institutions have it down when it comes to check processing, posting, automation, and IT. However, when it comes to check fraud prevention, many live in fear. Why? Because they either have outdated solutions, or they are “rolling the dice” and hoping...

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Stop Fraud OrbNet Forensic AI-01

U.S. Secret Service Website Highlights Fraud Indictments

The United States Secret Service does more than protect elected officials. They also protect the American public in many ways from fraud -- one look at their press release page gives you an indication of their ongoing work...

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