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OrboNation Newsletter: Healthcare Payments Edition – June 2021

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How AI is Driving Patient Financial Experience Excellence

It's no secret to anyone who's read previous posts here that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are a boon for revenue cycle management -- probably one of the strongest use cases for this type of technology, in fact, as reported by RevCycle Intelligence. “Integrating artificial intelligence into an RCM solution...

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COVID-19 Elevated Consumerism: How University Hospitals Is Responding

Already picking up steam pre-pandemic, healthcare consumerism has been hastened by the COVID-19 crisis. RevCycle Intelligence spoke to Kathy LeBrew, chief system revenue cycle officer at University Hospitals in Ohio, about how best to address this...

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M12 — Microsoft’s VC Arm: $21M Investment in Artificial’s Lab Automation Platform

Artificial, a software company providing a first-of-its-kind lab automation platform, recently announced the close of $21.5M Series A investment round. The round was led by M12, Microsoft's venture...

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Despite Challenges, RCM Technology Leaps Ahead During Pandemic

RevCycleIntelligence reports on a new survey that shows about three-quarters of hospitals and health systems in the US deployed revenue cycle management (RCM) technology or underwent active technology...

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Deloitte Prediction: Finance a Key Factor in Driving 85% of Future Healthcare Revenues

A recent article from focuses on a new report published by Deloitte -- and the predictions are a stark contrast to the current business model for healthcare. In a new report, experts estimated that healthcare spending will be...

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2021 AI Index Report Reveals Light-Speed Innovations

Stanford University's 2021 AI Index Report is now available, and it goes into significant detail regarding Computer Vision, which is integral to the sorts of recognition tasks important in fraud detection and EOB processing. Computer Vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand visuals of various kinds...

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Revenue Cycle Outsourcing: What Points Do Providers Consider?

For Revenue Cycle Outsourcers -- RCM companies, clearinghouses, billers, and medical lockbox providers -- the quandry is this: What do healthcare providers evaluate in their decisions to outsource their revenue cycle operations? An article by cites a report by KLAS...

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3M Webinar Review: How AI Technology Increases Revenue Cycle Efficiency

On February 24, 2021, 3M Health Care -- in collaboration with Becker's Hospital Review -- hosted an informative webinar focused on the importance of an efficient revenue cycle and how artificial intelligence is the key technology factor to increase productivity in that area...

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3m webinar
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Fiserv Warning: Healthcare Providers Need To Pick Up The Digital Pace

Hindsight is 20/20, but it turns out that many medical practices and providers didn’t put into motion much digital preparation pre-pandemic, and that places them in a current payments predicament. This is according to Colin Mellon, senior vice president of Healthcare and Insurance Solutions...

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