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OrboNation Newsletter: Check Processing Edition – November 2021

 Banking blending the need for both human and AI labor.

The ‘Omnichannel Credit Union’: Not Just ‘a Thing’ — It’s Working, Too!

The challenge: 55% of credit union members have used a product or service from a different bank or financial institution, according to the Credit Union Tracker produced by PYMNTS, in collaboration with PSCU. That means more than half of all credit union members are effectively "comparison shopping."

How do credit unions hold on to their members? As reported at

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OrboGraph’s OrbNet AI Boosts Lockbox Accuracy to 98% For TMR

Last week, the OrboNation blog featured the NVIDIA GTC Virtual Conference, highlighting the importance of GPUs to Artificial Intelligence in financial services. These dynamic sessions provided attendees with information invaluable to advancing financial services, particularly the banking...

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matrix 4 video

Virtual Experiences: The Matrix vs. #OrboZone

Have you seen the new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections -- in theaters and HBO on December 22, 2021? Watch it again below. The Matrix film franchise (see Wikipedia page) has many interesting characters, including Morpheus, who said: "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is...

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OrboGraph Recognized in 2021’s “Top 5 Fraud Detection & Prevention Software Companies” by Enterprise World Magazine

OrboGraph is proud to be recognized by The Enterprise World as one of the "Top 5 Fraud Detection & Prevention Software Companies in 2021."

With check fraud persisting as an issue for banks and their customers, OrboGraph has focused its resources on enhancement of its fraud capabilities to help banks detect and prevent fraud losses...

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GPU Advancements Highlighted at NVIDIA GTC Virtual Conference

NVIDIA's GTC virtual conference is set to take place November 8-11, and it promises to be a valuable resource for getting (and staying) up to speed on the latest technology in use and development across myriad industries. If you are not familiar with the conference: NVIDIA GTC is a global that brings together developers...

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The Matrix AI: “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

We previously took a look at the similarities and differences between The Matrix experience and OrboGraph's OrboZone experience. Both offer a truly dynamic experience, so we would be remiss not to take a deeper dive into another key pillar in The Matrix Film Series: The AI driving the Machines...

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OrbNet Matrix 3
BAI-Podcast-fraud-custom_crop cropped

BAI PODCAST: Bank Collaboration and Diverse Fraud Tools are Keys to Prevention

BAI welcomed Andy Shank, vice president of fraud and risk product management at Vericast, to discuss via their BAI Banking Strategies podcast how banks and credit unions can better protect customers from the growing threats of Identity fraud, account takeover..

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OrboGraph Parent Company KLA Announces Strong Earnings — September 2021

KLA Corporation (Nasdaq: KLAC) -- parent company of OrboGraph -- recently released their September 2021 earnings, announcing that revenue grew 8% sequentially and 35% year-over-year to $2.08 billion, finishing toward the upper end of the range of guidance. On Wednesday we announced...

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Check Fraud Video - WTNH

WTHR’s “13 Investigates” Report: Why Does Mobile RDC Struggle to Catch Blatant Check Fraud?

WTHR-13 News of Indianapolis takes a fascinating look at the range of "craftsmanship" that goes into check fraud, all the way from "how did they even get away with that?" to some pretty good replicas. The report is particularly fascinating because it shows three very different approaches...

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