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OrboNation Newsletter: Check Processing Edition – November 2022

78% of Renters Still Pay by Check — And It’s Not Only Renters Writing Checks

As we noted in a previous blog, checks are NOT going away. In fact, our friends at Alogent report that of non-cash payment methods, checks accounted for nearly 23% of the total value of payments in 2020, according to the December 2021 Federal Reserve report.

This may lead you to ask the question: Who still uses checks?

  • According to JPMorgan, 78% of renters are paying by check.
  • 60% of freight and logistic companies still pay carriers and shippers with paper checks.
  • In April 2021, almost 1.1 million of stimulus payments were issued by paper check, compared to 900,000 sent by direct deposit...

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OrboGraph Launches #OrboIntelligence Check Fraud Hub

Microsite highlights primary and secondary research in check and payments fraud

Billerica, MA, November 17, 2022 – OrboGraph, a premier supplier of check processing automation and fraud detection software and services, announced today the launch of the #OrboIntelligence Check Fraud Hub – a dedicated microsite resource centralizing primary and secondary research, industry trends, and 3rd party reports in the field of check and payments fraud...

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JPMC: Providing Guidance for Protecting Business Against Check Fraud

Check fraud continues to be a major focus for the banking industry. As noted in JPMorgan Chase's new guide entitled FRAUD + CYBERSECURITY: Your guide to protecting your company from check fraud:

"Overall, physical checks were the payment type most susceptible to fraud."

The handy downloadable guide provides businesses with details and information to protect themselves from check fraud, emphasizing three things that are vital to understand while addressing fraud...

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JPMC Check Fraud Guide-01

Checks Are Still Relevant: A Bank’s Perspective

Copying check cropped

As we continue to explore the relevancy of checks as a payment avenue, it's important that we keep in mind some data previously noted in our blog:

  • Checks still account for nearly 23% of the total value of payments in 2020
  • 81% of businesses still pay other firms via paper checks
  • 78% of renters are paying by check
  • 60% of the freight and logistics Industry still pay carriers and shippers with paper checks...

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mRDC: Tempting Fraud Target for the “Casual Fraudster”

In a recent interview with, Rusty Pickering, President and Chief Operating Officer, and Bill Roese, Chief Risk Officer of Ingo Money spoke about how check fraud continues to thrive alongside of digital banking tools -- and how digital banking tools may be assisting check fraud.

Pointing to one survey from 2019 showing that check fraud doubles about every two years, Pickering noted: “In 2018, there was $1.3 billion in losses from check fraud, and banks stopped about $14 billion in losses from check fraud. If you think about that, that was 2018, that was four years ago. Today those numbers are much, much larger.”

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Did EMV Start the Check Fraud Pandemic?

EMV Chip

EMV cards have much to tout when it comes to security and fraud prevention. EMV fraud prevention technology is a fraud detection tool which uses tokenization technology to transmit one-time-use encrypted information in place of cardholder data. The cardholder’s data is never transmitted, so it is much harder for hackers to intercept and steal it.

However, when examining the introduction of the EMV chip to credit and debit cards, we can see a direct correlation where in just a few years, fraudsters shifted towards the check...

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Customer Experience (CX): Community Banks Increase 2022 Tech Budget by 11%

Want to keep up in the banking industry? Follow the example of executives at eight in ten banks, who noted that their 2022 technology budget was up from the previous year, with an average increase of 11% over 2021. In fact, Gartner Inc. predicts that in 2022, banks and financial firms will invest an estimated $623B in technology...

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8 - Check Fraud Customer Experience

56 Arrested, 88 Charges: One of the Largest Check Fraud Rings in California is Dismantled


More than 80 suspects, many from two Los Angeles County street gangs, have been charged for their roles in a years-long scheme that stole nearly $5 million from 750-plus victims in California, Arizona and Nevada who had sent or were to receive mailed checks, officials said on Friday, Oct. 7.

Of the 88 charged, 56 were arrested, with at least some of the others already in jail or prison...

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November 13-19 is International Fraud Awareness Week


While prevention of check fraud is our mission year-round, we're pleased to join The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in observing International Fraud Awareness Week, Nov. 13-19.

The campaign unites individuals and organizations around the globe in a single mission: to proactively minimize fraud's adverse impacts by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education. The hashtags #FraudWeek, #InternationFraudAwarenessWeek, and #FraudAwarenessWeek have been shared thousands of times through social media and across the internet by #FraudFighters. -- check out this handy guide from the ACFE on how to become a Fraud Fighter for your organization...

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A New Era for Medical Lockbox

The medical lockbox has existed for decades -- with many banks offering this treasury management service to their healthcare clients. Traditionally, medical lockboxes are the consolidation point for paper payments and remittances, where banks process multiple payment types including ERAs, EFTs (ACH), checks, wire transfers, and now virtual cards.

However, over the past decade, a standard medical lockbox has evolved to become an all-encompassing integrated receivables solutions...

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Medical Healthcare Concept - Doctor in hospital with digital medical icons graphic banner showing symbol of medicine, medical care people, emergency service network, doctor data of patient health.

Government Increasing Pressure on Post Office to Curb Mail Theft & Check Fraud


American news website Axios takes a look at the huge uptick in check fraud crime, particularly check washing and what is being called "mailbox fishing."

Thieves are stealing paper checks from mailboxes, "washing" them with nail polish remover, and filling in new amounts and payees — causing endless grief for victims and their banks, which typically foot the bill.

Axios also notes the increase in fraudsters committing violent crimes, robbing postal workers for their mail and "arrow keys," the topics of banks and the postal office pointing fingers at who is to blame, and the attention check fraud is garnering from elected government officials...

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